Paul Sykes FCMA FILP MIoD – Group Managing Director

Paul Sykes FCMA FILP MIoD – Group Managing Director

Paul is an entrepreneur with a background in both accountancy and IT.

His extensive employment experience stretches from the post-room to the boardroom.  A natural leader from childhood, Paul is a visionary who has run companies, departments, projects and teams in both commercial and not-for-profit organisations, always exploring new and creative ways of developing solutions and adding value for customers/members/users. 

He is highly IT literate and confident in his own intuition and analytical skills; seeing effective, easy-to-use systems as a vital element of helping people, not only to succeed but also to fulfil their potential and remain engaged with the organisation’s purpose and activity.

He also has over twenty years experience as a consultant - facilitating change and innovation within organisations both in manufacturing and service industries, as well as the public sector.

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